Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pajama Time!!!

Payton was being so funny last night in her new pj's, that I just had to snap a couple of pictures. She LOVES to sit up now, and though a bit wobbly, she is doing great!

Catching her as she's about to topple over!

No doubt that she looks like her Daddy!!! This is how she sits, kind of propped up on her fists. It looks so cute and funny!

Getting sleepy...time for bed!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our trip to Orlando

Every summer, Robb's boss takes the office staff and their spouses to Orlando for the big roofing convention. This past weekend was the convention, so we all headed 2 hours north for a very nice weekend away. We always stay at the Peabody Hotel, since it is right across from the convention center. It is a fabulously luxurious hotel, so we always look forward to staying there. The weekend started with a wonderful steak dinner on Friday night. On Saturday, the guys headed to the convention and the ladies (babies in tow!) went for a little shopping. We all met back at the hotel in the afternoon for a little time of just relaxing and getting ready for a fun evening. We went to the Pirate's Dinner Adventure (it's called something like that!) and had a really great time. I had to leave during the dinner, though, because Payton got very scared. It was really loud in there and they had these big booming canons (fake, of course, but very loud and startling!) So, I sat out in the pre-show area and then in the car for about 45 minutes, but it was fine. She was very, very happy when we got out of there, so I enjoyed the "mommy" time with her anyway! After dinner, everyone split up and did different things. Robb had a few things he wanted to shop for, and since I always love to shop, we headed out to a different outlet mall. Sunday, we slept in and hung out in our room until it was time to head for home. We didn't really take many pictures of the weekend, but here are a few...

Payton loved the big cushy bed (so did her mommy and daddy...especially with yummy room service!!!)

At the Peabody hotel, the ducks parade in (pretty fun to watch!) at precisely 11:00 every morning. Then, they stay in this huge fountain in the center of the hotel until evening, when they parade back out. We stayed around to watch them on Sunday morning and took a few pictures.

Payton actually did like watching the ducks, but from the looks of this picture, her daddy was quite fascinated as well!!!

It was a great weekend to get away and enjoy a little R & R!!!

Playing at Aunt Mary's house

My very sweet sister-in-law, Mary, kept Payton for a little while yesterday while I taught a music class in Palm Beach. I plan on taking her with me eventually, after the children get used to me and settled down a little. (It's a class of about 9 two-year-olds!!!) She will absolutely love the music AND watching the kids. Speaking of watching kids...Mary took a short video of Payton watching her cousin Devin. (Mary accidentally wrote 6 months on the introduction, but Payton is actually 5 months. I told her to please not go back and redo it just for that typo!!!) Devin is being so silly, and she loves it! Towards the end of the video, she is just talkin' away! Already seems to be quite the chatterbox! Enjoy!

If you want to see it larger, go to this link:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy 5 Month Birthday, Payton!

We were out of town on Payton's actual "birthday", so this is a few days late. It's so hard to believe that Payton is five months old already! We made our traditional trip to The Picture People at the Wellington Mall. It's like getting pictures done for free with all the coupons we get...I love it!!! As usual, Payton hammed it up for the camera (really for her Nana standing behind the photographer!!!)

Prettiest sailor I ever did see!!!

Already a good American citizen!

An expression I just love...very inquisitive!

She sits up pretty well (kind of!), as long as she can prop herself up with those fists!

We love you, Payton! Everyone always talks about what a happy and good baby you are...we agree!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy First Father's Day!!!

Although this wasn't "technically" Robb's first Father's Day (since we had just found out we were expecting this time last year!), it was the first time we really celebrated this special day with our little family! The pictures speak much louder than'll see evidence of one very loving and devoted (and proud!) daddy! From changing diapers to super silly faces, Robb is a wonderful daddy to our little girl, and I am so proud that he is my husband!

Sunday morning...Robb loves getting Payton up on Sunday mornings since she isn't usually awake when he leaves early in the morning for work. She is in her "Daddy's Girl" pj's in this picture, in case you can't read what they say!

All dressed up, but not quite awake yet!!!

Arriving home from church, we found Payton asleep with her little hat pulled down over her eyes. She was as content as could be...I think we woke her up with our laughter!

One happy baby girl and one happy daddy!

We continued our Father's Day celebration at my parent's house Sunday night after church. Payton loves her Grandpa very much!!!

And she especially loves the paper from his gifts!!!

The drop of drool was too cute to pass up! She has figured out how to blow bubbles...cute and funny...but not good if you want a clean, dry baby!!! I'm going to have to resort to bibs, I'm afraid!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Come one, come all!

Just taking advantage of free advertising to let all my FL friends know that Kelly and I are having a garage sale this Saturday at her house. I am getting rid of a bunch of home decorations and Kelly has even more stuff than I do! Please come and visit us and bring your pocket change!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The perfect summer evening

This past Friday night, we enjoyed the PERFECT summer evening with some of our best friends, Anthony and Kelly Heath and their three children, along with a new friend, Natalie Stevens. (Her husband had already made plans to go racing that evening.) I was able to get some free tickets from the school where I teach, and we attended a minor league baseball game. This stadium is where the St. Louis Cardinals (I think; it's one of the pro teams) do their spring training. The minor league team that plays there during the regular season is the Jupiter Hammerheads. Anyway, it was a beautiful, breezy evening, and we had a great time just relaxing and spending time with friends.

Payton and Robb before the game began...

Payton and I...there was too much going on for her to actually look at the camera!

Looking a little puzzled about something...probably all the yelling and craziness!

I am blessed with WONDERFUL friends!

Somehow, Payton actually managed a little nap! She is such a busy little tyke and usually will not fall asleep with action happening around her!

She was about the only watching the game! We were all too busy gabbing! And, apparently thumbs taste just as good as hot dogs at a baseball game!

Caleb Heath...isn't he a cutie?!

Kelly gave my arms a little break. I don't think she or Payton minded a bit!

Zachary was pretty fascinated with her! He doesn't quite understand why she can't play with him, though! (At least his idea of playing!)

I told Kelly that maybe we could go ahead with the arranged marriage thing! Handsome guy, beautiful (in my opinion!) girl...and they obviously like each other!

Courtney Heath and Payton...two beautiful little girls!

After the game, they had a fireworks display, which was really nice. I had to take Payton out of the stadium, though. It was pretty loud, and really frightened her! We will definitely try to do this again sometime this summer! We had so much fun. It was a great family activity!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Casey's Wedding

One of the joys of teaching (for me, anyway) are my fellow teachers. I have found many of them to be wonderful friends. One of the first grade teachers, Casey Papa, celebrated a beautiful wedding day just a couple of weeks ago. Robb and I were honored to be asked to sing/play for the wedding. I was going to get a babysitter, but Casey asked that we please bring Payton! Casey has been a special part of Payton's life and she loves, loves, loves children, so we happily obliged and brought Payton along. Casey is a truly amazing teacher. I have learned so much from her creativity and ability to lead her students into a thoroughly fun and exciting learning process. I forgot my camera, so here a just a few pictures that one of the teachers e-mailed to me of our family.

At the cupcake reception...

Payton could not have been more perfect the whole day! One of the teacher's kept her for us while we did the prelude music. Christi said that when I started singing, Payton laid her head down on her shoulder and just went to sleep! She slept through almost the whole mass, and woke up just in time for the reception. She charmed the socks off all the wedding guests with her big smiles and cooing! Once again, I was SO thankful for such a good baby!

Robb and I at the rehearsal dinner the night before...Payton slept through most of the dinner, even though it was very loud in the restaurant!

This picture was taken the week before the wedding, at the Family BBQ at school. Casey is holding Payton with some of the students and teachers looking on. Payton was completely happy the whole time Casey had her...I think she's got the touch!

Congratulations, Casey and Brad! We are so happy for you!