Sunday, November 30, 2008

Southern Living at Home

If you like the Southern Living at Home products, I wanted to let you know that January is a "double hostess dollars" month, meaning you get double the free stuff for hosting a party. If you are interested, please let me know. I would like to get a couple more parties booked for January. If you live locally, I'll be happy to bring over some new items to show at your party. If you do not live locally, you can still get the hostess benefits by doing a catalog party. The new catalog has some beautiful new items, and it is a great chance to get a lot of free stuff for your home to start the new year. You can e-mail me at: if you are interested. Thanks!

Happy 10 Month Birthday, Payton!

(sorry 'bout the picture before the text...I messed up, and don't feel like fixing it!)

Once again, I am LATE with this blog! I was waiting until we got our Christmas picture taken, but we were late getting that done too...oh well.

This month has just flown by! Things have gotten a little crazy with all the holiday preparations, music we are preparing for a number of programs, concerts, etc., and we're just trying to enjoy all of it!

Payton has changed so much this month. She seems so much more "grown up" than last month! She is quite the chatter box, though we don't understand a word! She is pulling up on things, and has discovered the cabinet doors, drawers, and several other things she shouldn't! She claps and smiles for everyone and everything, and still hasn't met a stranger. Mrs. Vernon told me the other day that Payton is the happiest, most "smiley" baby she has ever taken care of, which was saying a lot, since she has taken care of a lot of babies! We are so blessed with such a happy little girl! Here are a few Christmas pictures. Enjoy!

Santa Baby!!!

Random Pictures

We haven't fallen off the face of the earth or anything drastic like that, even though it has been a long time since I've posted anything! Sorry 'bout that! We've been really busy, and enjoying all the fun things the holidays bring, and I just haven't stopped to blog!

Here are a few random pictures from the past couple of weeks.

Payton is starting to pull up to things, and is quite pleased with herself. She's tries to let go to clap for herself, but has found that that is pretty unsuccessful, as she can't quite balance herself yet!

Scott and Wyatt came over for a little football time the other night while Bianca did her grocery shopping. Payton loves playing with Wyatt...who wouldn't with this adorable little guy?

Payton's other little friend is Zachary Heath. They are totally in love! Zach calls her "Pate" and she just cries and cries if he walks away from her! Kelly came over for a little bit the other day and I just had to snap this picture of the two of them. One thing about Payton...she knows how to pick the good-looking guys!

Payton is pretty fascinated with the ornaments. I don't let her play with the big "nice" tree, but this little one in the family room is more baby-friendly...and she loves it! She was chasing this round ornament around the family room!

We have this little bear-statue-thing in the family room that has this drum with it. Payton figured out how to play on it...a new favorite! She headed straight for it after church tonight.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yard Sale time!

It's that time of year in south Florida...the perfect time for a yard sale! The weather is beautiful; so nice to not sweat all over the place trying to make a few dollars! SO, my mom and I are having a yard sale this Saturday, November 8th. PLEASE COME AND BUY STUFF! My mom is selling her family room furniture, a beautiful coastal-looking blue and yellow set. I have a bunch of decoration stuff, along with some Southern Living at Home things, and also a nice treadmill. I've started doing other things to exercise and don't need it anymore.

If you live close by, be there or be square!!!

Young Married Fellowship Fall Festival

One thing I love about our church is that there are always age-appropriate activities to be involved in. Last Saturday evening, our life group got together for a fall "costume" party and chili dog supper. Here are a few pictures from the evening...once again, my camera battery died, so I only grabbed a few at the very beginning.

Emily Heath and Melissa Loper visiting. Ada Budensiek is usually in charge of the food, but she had a sick baby, so Emily stepped in and helped.

A few of the decorations...I kept it simple, but festive! I do not like the taste of candy corn, but it makes a great, cheap decoration!

Stephen and Karen Carroll graciously allowed us to use their barn for the party. Stephen built this wagon for his daughter's 16th birthday party a few years ago. It makes a GREAT place for desserts!

Robb and I went as John McCain and Sarah Palin! I made Robb take the mask off after pictures...I could NOT look at him and carry on any conversation, it made me laugh too hard!

My little ladybug and I!

Robb did a great McCain impression. Maybe if McCain could have campaigned with this cute ladybug, he might've won!!! (just kidding, of course!!!)

Payton was trying to figure out WHO THAT WAS!

Scott, Wyatt, and Bianca

My family...we had a great evening!


A mother from our church had a great idea for trick-or-treating this year. A bunch of kids met on campus and went trick-or-treating to the homes on campus, which was nice, since it is all people we know, and we know they are safe, kind people! Even though Payton is too little for candy, we had a great time spending the evening with family and friends. Unfortunately, the battery ran out on my camera, so I only have a few pictures. You can visit Mary Ellen Huff's blog (see the link on the left) for a lot more pictures!

Payton was a ladybug this year!

Payton and Wyatt...the cutest giraffe and ladybug I've ever seen! (The ladybug is too busy for a picture!)

My cousin, Bianca, her son, Wyatt, with Payton and I.

Robb, Payton, and I

Payton with her cousins, Kaitly, Michael, Ethan, and Devin. She LOVES them so much; they give her their undivided attention, and she just thinks they are hilarious!

The wrappers apparently taste as good as the candy!