Monday, February 23, 2009

Payton's new favorite activity...

This was how I found Payton about 20 minutes ago...I just had to grab the camera!

She knows she isn't supposed to do this, but it was absolutely so of those "weak" parenting moments, I guess, but I simply could not scold her!!!

Just like Mommy...

A few nights ago, Payton pulled the headband off of my head...she knew right where it should go on her!!! She played for a solid half hour with just that entertainment!!!

I'm pretty mischevious...and I know it!!!

Very proud of herself!

Our big girl!!!

FREE Quizno's Sub...Yummy!!!

Money Saving Mom posted this on her blog today...thought I'd share! I'm looking forward to my sub!!!!

Quiznos is giving away a free sub sandwich to the first one million people who register here. From what I was able to determine, you should be able to sign up every adult in your home to receive a free sub sandwich coupon.
So far, they've given away around 76,00 free sub coupons. So everyone here should be able to get in on this deal if you hurry!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring cleaning/Garage sale!

Yes, ladies, we are having another big garage sale. There will be stuff from a few families, so you're sure to find something!

When: Saturday, Feb. 21st
Where: 8080 SE Crossrip St., Hobe Sound, FL (my mom's house!)

Hope to see you there! Most offers accepted!

Random Pictures of our growing Princess Payton!!!

February has been a busy month so far! Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks.

For Valentine's Day, we decided to forego the traditional romantic dinner and do something with Payton, which is one of our favorite things to do! We took her to the park (see below!) and then to Duffy's (one of our very favorite places to eat!) to watch the K-State/KU basketball game. Robb was one very proud K-State daddy (thank you Uncle Rick and Aunt Mary for the t-shirt!), especially when a KU fan walked in with his little girl all dolled up in a Rock Chalk Jayhawk t-shirt!

K-State Princess!

She absolutely loves to swing!

Much too busy watching the kids time for a picture with Mommy!

I just love this picture!

Robb and I took our Valentine's Day date the night before, and went to a Florida Panthers Hockey game. We had SOOOO much fun! Neither of us know much at all about hockey, but it sure was fun to watch!

Payton's new favorite toy...toilet paper! (this is one of the most minor t.p. messes I've cleaned up!)

The Wellington Mall has the great play area. Payton had a blast!

The reason we went to the mall was to go to Picture People...Payton loves playing with their toys!

We went to Picture People because the manager called and said they had a big surprise for us...this is what we found...Payton's wall of fame (hee, hee)! It was pretty fun to see her pictures blown up so huge on the studio wall!
I am well aware that all babies are beautiful...I'm glad I have one of them! (from a proud (in a good way!) mommy's heart!)

Payton got a hold of my hat, and had a blast!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hugs and Kisses...with love from Payton!

Monday, February 2, 2009

This past weekend, Payton and I made a trip back to Oklahoma, primarily to visit my dad's parents. We didn't get to go at Christmas (tickets were outrageous!), so we planned the trip for a little later!
We had a wonderful time, and packed a lot into one short weekend! On Friday, my mom and I almost completely cleaned out my grandparents' kitchen for them. It was a big job for anyone, much less them, so we were happy to help out. On Saturday, we joined my mom's two sisters and some of my cousins for a big, delicious breakfast. After that, the guys all went to do guy stuff, and the girls went to do some fun shopping. (I got a skirt at TJMaxx for $'s that for a bargain!!!) We all had a great time together. In the evening, we enjoyed a fabulous chili supper and games. On Sunday, we went to my dad's brother's home for a delicious Sunday dinner and some games before we flew out that evening. Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

Payton was fascinated by the automatic towel dispenser in the airport bathroom! She did incredibly well on the airplane. One man told her that she was born to fly!

Papaw and Payton had a great time playing together. We were so happy to see him doing SO WELL!!! A big answer to prayer!

They had a few Christmas and birthday presents for Payton, which she loved!

A "classic" babydoll that will be very special for Payton!

This pretend dog is hilarious! It does all this "real" dog stuff, obeys commands, etc....the perfect house dog! My dad even had fun playing with it!

Breakfast at Aunt Becky's!

Payton and cousin's little girl. For those of you that know Misty and Crystal, my cousins, this is their niece.

Cera and her big sister, Tori

Payton and Tori played Aunt Becky's piano...she didn't mind at all!

Bruce entertained Payton and Tori...he is marrying my cousin, Mandie, in a few short months!

Baths are fun no matter where you are!

Checking out her gifts from Uncle Larry, Angie, and Callie (my dad's brother and his family)!

My cousin, Callie, is only two weeks younger than me. We were very close growing up, but don't see each other often. It was great to be together again. This was her first time meeting Ms. Payton, and Payton warmed right up to her!

My dad and his brother check out the latest gun project.

Memaw and Papaw really enjoyed playing with Payton.

They surprised us with a little birthday cake for Payton!

She dug right in!

I am so blessed to have these memories of Payton with her great-grandparents!

We finished out the afternoon with a couple of games...lots of fun, even though Uncle Larry and Callie beat us hands down at Taboo!