Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Payton!!!

This is one day late...sorry, Payton! Yesterday was the first teacher work-day for me at school, and was very busy, so I didn't get this posted!

Payton continues to be such a happy, sweet baby! Yesterday was her first day with Mrs. Vernon, who will be babysitting her two days a week while I teach. Mrs. Vernon said she was very, very good, didn't fuss at all, stayed on schedule, and was all smiles and giggles, so that made this mommy very happy!

She is rolling ALL over the place...I wonder sometimes how she gets stuck in the places she does! She has a most infectious laugh, and we are thoroughly enjoying each day. Robb and I both have said so many times that Payton is the best medicine for a stressful or "bad" day!

Classic "Payton" smile!

I love the serious look here!

She was trying very hard to get her hat off (much to Mommy's chagrine!)

She is starting to slim down a little, but I'm glad those little arm rolls are staying in place!

Such a mischevious look...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My dirty-faced angel...

Payton just loves her food...can you tell? We've been slowly adding a variety of vegetables to her diet, and yesterday was the second day for green beans...she LOVED them! Although it looks like most of it ended up on her face, she actually ate almost all of them! I just had to grab a couple pictures!

My Uppercase Living Order arrived!!!

I was so excited to get some of my expressions up on my walls and around the house! (Thanks to my dear husband for helping me with the big ones...definitely a two person job!) I am having a party at my house Friday night, so I was happy to get them up before then.

Really dressed up this tray from Southern Living!

And this plate from Southern Living...

Family room, main wall

Family room, other main wall; I got some adorable picture frames at HomeGoods today to put on either side of the window

My favorite lanterns from Prague, now personalized!

Wall between Payton's room (note: the toys on the left side!) and the guest bathroom; I just LOVE this growth chart!!!

Guest/Payton's bathroom. When I saw this in the Uppercase Living catalog, I just had to have it. Payton's "favorite" song is "You Are My Sunshine" and we call her "Sunshine" a lot of the time, so this was so perfect!

If you see anything you'd like to order, just let me know! I will be placing an order next week after my party.

Monday, August 4, 2008

My new little adventure...please help me!!!

At a recent Uppercase Living party, I fell in love with the amazing ideas and endless possibilities of using words to decorate my home! I love to decorate, and I also love different sayings and quotes, so Uppercase Living was a brilliant find for my personal style! After realizing that there are so many things I'd like to get for myself, and always looking for an opportunity to get some free stuff and have fun doing it, I decided to sign up as a Demonstrator with this new party plan company. The lady that I signed up under is a great Christian lady from the Ohio area.

But, I need HELP!!!!! First of all, I need 3 people to sign up under me RIGHT AWAY! I want to get my name on the registered list (so that if someone wants to have a party, they will see my name on the Uppercase Living website), but I need 3 people signed up under me. There are a lot of great reasons to sign up; here are a few:

1. make some extra money--very ease and lots of fun (I also sell Southern Living, and have been a consultant there for 1 1/2 years, so I do know from personal experience that this type of thing is lots of fun and really is very, very easy)
2. get $100 of free stuff for yourself
3. inexpensive to sign up
4. did I mention that it is lots of fun?

The second thing I REALLY need, is for ALL OF YOU to host a party for me! Think you don't have time? You can even do a catalog party, meaning you just pass out catalogs to all your friends and I pick up the orders from you. Think you live too far away from me? NEVER! I can mail the catalogs and order forms straight to you. The party we did (which prompted me to sign up) was with the demonstrator in Ohio; she mailed us all the stuff, we had the party, and got LOTS of free and reduced items! Think it will take too much time to have the party? NO WAY! I will help you with your invitations, do all the work of ordering, etc., etc., and leave the fun stuff to you! All you have to do to have a party is invite your friends to your home, make a few yummy treats for them, and leave the rest to me!

One of the things that I like about it is that it comes in many colors and sizes, and if you design your own saying there is also a choice of several styles of fonts. On top of that they have a whole variety of shapes and objects too - not just words. You can check out their website at for more information. If you see anything you'd like to order please let me know.

So, if you are interested at all in either hosting a party or signing up under me, please e-mail me at: I will get in touch with you right away! Thanks for helping me to make this a success!

Below are a few pictures from the Uppercase Living catalog, along with a description taken from the online invitation.

Uppercase Living is the latest trend in home decorating! We offer hundreds of pre-designed Expressions and images for you to choose from (such as witty phrases, spiritual quotes and meaningful sayings), that can be placed (and removed) quickly and easily on your walls and many other surfaces. You also have the option to custom design any expression you would like! Uppercase Living Expressions uniquely complement your home with the beauty and power of words in an elegant design.

As you can see, the Uppercase Living expressions can be used literally almost anywhere, and serve both practical, functional, and beautiful decorative purposes. They are extremely easy to apply and do not damage paint or other surfaces. All of the expressions are very reasonably priced; quite frankly, I was surprised at how inexpensive they are!
Stay soon as my order comes in, I'll be posting pictures of the expressions I am putting up in my own home!