Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am laughing so hard!

I don't know if I've posted this picture before or not (I didn't feel like looking!). I just saw it on the computer, and couldn't help but laugh...seriously, how could you not?!? This was not "posed" at all! Payton has quite a sense of style don't you think? It will fun to remind her of this when she's about 16!!!

It's never too early to start...

I started gathering laundry this afternoon, and realized I had a shadow! Payton was working so hard to carry her laundry basket around! It was so cute, I had to snap a picture! Looks like child labor, huh?! (Just kidding of course!) Payton is doing great at learning how to pick up toys, etc., so maybe we'll just add laundry to the list!!!

Father's Day 2009

Father's Day was such a special family day. We celebrated with a beautiful church service, a delicious, traditional family dinner, and a relaxing evening!
This makes me almost tear up. We were just at a beautiful wedding last Saturday, and when I saw my two favorite people in the world walking down the aisle together the following morning, I was reminded again of how quickly life passes by. We are doing our best to enjoy every moment of it together! Before we know it, it will be Payton in a white wedding gown, walking down the aisle on Robb's arm...I'm stopping there before I cry!!!!!

Father's Day morning
Robb is truly the most wonderful father and husband I can imagine. I am so incredibly blessed.

Payton thinks her daddy is just so hilarious...and he loves it!!!

Two men and a baby?

Payton with her Nana and Grandpa...two of her most favorite people in the whole world!

I love my dad so much. He has always been, and continues to be a wonderful father to both Robb and I. He is a man of integrity and strong character, and I am proud to be his daughter. On a lighter note...he is a WONDERFUL Grandpa, too! He has Payton plumb spoiled, as he is content to sit with Payton in the playroom and play with her. I love it...he doesn't just watch her play, but he plays with her! I think he has just as much fun as she does!!! She just LOVES her Grandpa, and usually is not ready to come home after she's been there!

One last shot of our little family!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Jumping Fountains

What an incredibly fun day!!! Payton and I joined her cousins and a few friends at the nearby "jumping fountains" for some fun in the sun! Payton was a little unsure at first, but after a couple of minutes, she jumped right in! She had a blast, as you can clearly see in the pictures!

All that fun just makes a princess tired!

Annie Get Your Gun!

We are looking forward to many more fun days like this as summer hits full swing!!! Hope you are having a great summer yourself!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer Fun!

Today was a perfect Florida summer day! Payton and I joined family for some water play! Payton LOVES the water...a little too much! She has NO fear and just wants freedom to do her thing! (If anyone reading this has any great tips for teaching toddlers to swim, I'd love to hear them!) Fortunately, where we were at today, it was all shallow and very baby-friendly, so she had a little more freedom (but constant supervision, of course!)
Cousin Kaitlyn teaches Payton to put water in the bucket using the shovel.

Kaitlyn is a GREAT cousin to sweet and helpful!

Payton watched her cousins "swimming" and thought she'd try to do the same. Of course, this ended with a gulp of water!

New pictures of Payton- 17 months old!

Summer has arrived! I decided to surprise Robb today by trying to have Payton's pictures taken. Payton and I were in the area where our favorite photographer is located, so I ran in on a whim to see how she'd do. I was so glad I did! I am such a pushover for the sepia/retro-toned pictures! Here were a few of my favorites...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some fun snapshots of our everyday life!

Just a few fun shots for your enjoyment!
"I wonder if this is what I'm supposed to do with this..." (just so you know, we did not "pose" this picture! This was all the little girl's doing!)

A favorite activity is to try to snore like Daddy. This has provided countless opportunities for hysterical laughter!

Now this is more like it! A bag for each hand!

Payton loves to play with her purses...much to my enjoyment!

Yes, we know this doesn't match, but seriously, who cares?!?

Payton's all-time favorite...swinging with Daddy! She taps on the door and says "wing, wing" when she wants to go swinging!
So, just a little peek at our lives of late! We are enjoying every moment as Payton's creative, imaginative personality develops!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Another video of Payton

Mary took a little video of Payton during a recent wedding at our church. Payton was trying to wipe her face...too funny! By the end of the wedding, she refused to be confined in any way, shape, or form! She was ready to GO!

Thanks again, Mary!

or visit this link:

Jumpy, Jumpy, Jumpy!!!

Here is a great video taken by my sister-in-law, Mary, of Payton playing in the bounce house at the Family Game Night. Enjoy!

Thank you, Mary! I laughed and laughed myself just watching it again!

or go to this link:

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun with Cousins!

We were so happy to have Jennifer and the boys visiting for several days last week. We had a wonderful time! Here are a few snapshots from our week...

Unfortunately, it rained so much last week. But, the evenings were dry, at least, so we tried to go do some kind of fun activity during the evening times. Everything was dry except the slide, anyway, as you can see from Payton's bottom! She got so wet on the slide!

Our attempts at a group shot were pretty interesting!

Visiting my grandparents

While my immediate family were all in Oklahoma for the wedding, we visited my grandparents (on my dad's side) together. My parents, along with help from family, moved them into an independent living facility about a month ago. They are so happy there, and it was so nice to all be together for a little bit.
The facility has a nice community room we were able to use, so that we could all be together more comfortably.
My grandparents are wonderful, wonderful people. They have lived their lives for God and their family. I am so happy that they are still here to enjoy their great-grandchildren!

My uncle and aunt rode their motorcycle up to visit with all of us. This made for some interesting entertainment for the kids!!!

Uncle Larry and my brother gave Zach a slow ride around the parking lot. Zach was a little nervous at first, but was smiling and waving in just a few seconds!

Jake was ready to take off on his own!

A few more snapshots from the wedding weekend...

Here are a few snapshots of the kids from the rehearsal dinner...

Jake has changed so much since we last saw him! Such a cute little guy! I love his smile!

"Nana" has her arms full!

A kiss for Zach...

and a kiss for Nana!

My mom bought these matching outfits for the kids...I love it!

Playing together and having lots of fun!