Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

We are finally home! I have so many pictures to post, I'm not even sure where to begin! I thought we might be able to post some while we were away, but our hotel did not have free internet access...we found other ways to spend our carefully budgeted money than blogging!!! So, when I have some time, I will get some pictures on here...otherwise, I am LOVING having a second week of spring break to just play with my baby girl!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

We're Off!!!!

Today's the day! Robb and I are on our way to London and Paris for a delayed 5th Anniversary trip! We are so excited for the time away. One thing that we both absolutely love is Europe, along with all the interesting history, art, and music it holds, so we will be making the most of our week there. Payton is staying with my parents...that was a hard decision, but she'll be MUCH happier there than sitting in her stroller for a week...and we'll be able to do a lot more exploring through the cities, making the most of our trip. Payton LOVES her Nana and Grandpa...I fear that she won't even miss us one bit!!! We will miss her, but this is definitely the best decision for all of us! We will try to post some pictures while we are away...we're off!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Congratulations, Mandie!

In just a short two and a half months, my sweet cousin, Mandie, will marry a really great guy, Bruce. We are so happy for them, and decided to surprise her with a little shower! She came to Florida for a quick trip to help her sister and brother-in-law move back to Oklahoma, which provided a great opportunity! Since she has lots of friends still here in college that won't be able to make the trip to OK for the wedding, we wanted to do something special. So, last night, several Mandie's friends gathered at my house to surprise her! I think we almost succeeded...almost! We had fun anyway, and she got some nice gifts to get her started!
Since I can't post a blog without a picture of Payton...here it is! She had a great time playing with Wyatt!

These two just move way to quickly!

Mandie opens her gifts.

While I write them down!

A few decorations...the gift table (before everyone arrived with gifts!)

Punch and cookie table

Food table. Mandie's wedding colors are black and white, so we used that for our "theme."

My mom provided yummy finger foods that we all enjoyed!
Congratulations, Mandie! We love you lots and are very proud of you...and we kinda like Bruce, too!!! :) We are looking forward to celebrating your big day very soon!

Family Retreat 2009

This past weekend, we enjoyed a relaxing two days with families from our church...camping, eating, playing games, enjoying bon fires, great devotional times, and great fellowship. I left the "real" picture taking to my sister-in-law, Mary (you can view her blog on the side bar), but I did remember to grab my camera for a few really quick pictures on Saturday afternoon.
Payton and Gracie enjoyed playing together!

Baby land...there are lots of first-time mommies in our church...I'm so happy to be one of them!

Just a sampling of all the fun had by the kids!

Payton enjoyed time with Ms. Kelly (Heath). Payton just ADORES her...Kelly says it's because Payton knows she is Zachary's mom...I say it's because she is such a sweet person!

Kelly was in the middle of saying something to me, but I just loved this picture of Payton...she is already obsessed with the phone! Yikes!!! She knows right where it goes and jabbers away, with an occasional "Hi!"

Rook, Rook, and more Rook...the official game of Hobe Sound! I enjoyed a few rounds myself!

As you can see, I wasn't busy with the camera (Payton kept me busy!), but we did have a wonderful, relaxing weekend!